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We are InfraSec Solutions. Your trusted source for all things Cyber Security and Privacy related. We are a passionate group of practitioners with many years of industry experience and designations. This includes, but not limited, to security testing,digital forensics, security leadership, compliance, cloud security , and incident handling. Cyber Security is a journey for us. One that seemingly never ends. Constantly learning and evolving to be better. And we love it!


Information Security is an ongoing battle to keep criminals from getting to the crown jewels. We, in the industry, know that Information Security is hard. There are multiple vectors for criminals to try and get into the network and steal information. From web applications, cloud, servers, endpoints, network equipment, mobile, to people. This sounds like a daunting task. It takes individuals with a great deal of passion, accountability, integrity, and know-how to be up to the task of protecting your crown jewels. Whether it is your customer’s personal confidential information to trade secrets, your information is gold. And it needs to be protected as such. InfraSec Solutions takes great pride and has an unwavering commitment in reducing cyber threats. Whether it’s through our blogs, news articles, tweets or overall guidance, we hope we can contribute to the business community and reduce your cyber risk.

In its simplistic form, Information Security comes down to implementing a “defense in depth” approach which applies to people, processes, and technology. This approach helps enable the business. Security must be thought of as a partner to the business as Information Security is not an IT risk. Information Security is a business risk. Implement security in the design phase of any business initiative. The costs of implementing security later in the process will be more costly. This is an unnecessary cost and risk to your business.

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Information Security is a Business Risk